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How To Make Shrimp Recipes Simple Delicious Spicy Sweet Acid

Acid Sweet Shrimp Recipe With Spicy Sauce Seasoning and Easy Ways to Make. There are many variations of seafood recipes that exist in Indonesia. One fairly well-known is a wide assortment of seafood with sweet and sour seasoning. Not only squid sweet and sour or sweet and sour fish, but the sweet and sour shrimp dishes are also quite well known and loved by many people. Moreover, if the sweet and sour sauce that we are interfering with the shrimp recipes coupled with a few pieces of chili spicy, yummy definitely addictive and pingin add again. Yes, even though I make a spicy sweet and sour shrimp that I will give below are quite simple, but the sweet and sour recipe below is not less tasty when compared to the others.

In addition to well-known and favored by many people because of the delicacy of taste, recipes spicy sweet and sour shrimp also contain a lot of nutritional value that is required by our body. Just as food ingredients other seafood, such as squid, fish, crabs and other meat shrimp combined with recipes sweet and sour is also a lot of high protein, omega-3, calcium and materials and other substances that are needed by the body growth and cells in our body. Of course besides very much nutritional content, taste sweet and sour shrimp recipe that we will create this time was also very tempting everyone to taste.
Make friends who do not like cooking certainly imagine that how to make shrimp Sweet Acid is difficult and troublesome. However, if you already know, actually Recipe Shrimp Sweet Acid that we will make this time how to make it quite simple and easy to follow, although by girls or friends who do not like to cook too easily made. This time we will use tiger shrimp as the main ingredient, but if you like friends also can replace it with another type of shrimp, speerti barong shrimp, prawns, shrimp jerbung and others. To give a distinctive flavor in the seasoning sour tamarind sauce that will be mixed with shrimp meat, we will use the water to make it more sticky tamarind. Actually there is also the use of lemon juice, pineapple or the other, but in my opinion personally still more legit and distinctive taste when using tamarind. Do not forget the shrimp before it is used should be cleaned in advance of the outer shell and the head and its antennae should be discarded. For more details please see the details of any materials used to make shrimp and sweet sour recipes.

Ingredients Recipe Spicy Shrimp Sweet Acid

  1. Such as shrimp recipe, this time we need a good quality black tiger shrimp for about 500 grams. To type can be tailored to each type of home favorite size is not too big like a lobster.
  2. Local onion medium large size of approximately 10 cloves alone. Peel the outer skin and a tiny little slices so easy when there will be smoothed (smooth flavor).
  3. Large medium tomatoes by about 2 pieces only. Rinse and then cut into sections so that easy as to be smoothed (smooth flavor).
  4. Big red chili so that the color is nice of approximately 8-10 pieces. Can be added or subtracted according to your taste (spices).
  5. Garlic is a great medium size of approximately 5-6 cloves of course. Peel the skin for later blended with other spices (spices).
  6. Cayenne approximately 6-8 pcs or can be added according to taste each (spices).
  7. Good quality bottled chili sauce to add flavor to taste spicy or less as much as 1-2 tablespoons of course.
  8. Soy sauce thickened by about 2 tablespoons of course.
  9. Sugar to taste sweetness strengthen by about 1-2 tablespoons of course.
  10. Sufficiently good quality margarine for frying marinade or less as much as 2 teaspoons - 3 tablespoon.
  11. Iodized salt to taste more or less as much as 3 small scoops.
  12. Tamarind water to strengthen the sense of typical acid of approximately two tablespoon (mix 2 teaspoons tamarind with approximately 4 tablespoons of water and stir stir).

  How to Make Recipes Shrimp with Sweet Acid Seasoning

  1. The first step is to clean the shrimp with clean water and dispose of feces, including outer skin and head.
  2. Puree red peppers, chili pepper, tomato, onion and garlic until smooth. For maximum results, should be smoothed by hand or in the pestle, but can also be in a blender so faster and more practical.
  3. Prepare a small frying pan over medium heat and give a little margarine for frying delicate seasoning.
  4. Enter the delicate seasoning and stir stir until all ingredients are well blended and stir distinctive smell fragrant spices.
  5. Enter shrimp meat in a frying pan over and cook until half cooked while still stirring stir again so that the shrimp blended with sweet sour recipes.
  6. Enter bottled chili sauce, iodized salt and sugar and stir stir until well blended.
  7. Enter tamarind water that has been prepared in advance and add the soy sauce to taste and stir stir again and cook until all ingredients and truly cooked shrimp meat.
  8. First Taste and add salt, soy sauce and sauces sauce if necessary.
How do friends how to make recipes Shrimp Seasoning Sauce Spicy Sweet Acid above? Although the manufacturing process is quite simple, if you know the problem is no less sense than the spicy sweet and sour shrimp recipe of seafood restaurant or a roadside food stall. Of course, friends can add some other ingredients, such as paprika, potatoes or other materials to make it more attractive.

White mustard vegetable Kuah and Seasoning Ingredients with Cooking

Vegetable Sawi Putih Kuah ingredients and seasoning with Cooking - We recipes online here will continue to provide an article related to the world of cooking or culinary world that is always willing to help you for young mothers or those of you who have become the cook so you will have many dishes you can make.
Today there is a menu of new dishes that White mustard Vegetable Gravy, after we talked about that also vegetable spinach vegetable nodes. this time to add a vegetable dish that will accompany your family at home daily servings of course, with a diverse menu that varies each day will definitely increase appetite us or our families. Here if you are interested in Vegetable White mustard Kuah and want to try cooking refer to the ingredients, herbs and how to make it below.

Ingredients / spices:

  • 1 hump chicory, cut into pieces
  • 1 carrot, sliced thin oblique
  • 5 grains veal meatballs, sliced round
  • 5 red onions, sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, sliced
  • 2 large red chilies, sliced oblique
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tea spoon of salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
  • 1 sndok tea sugar
  • 2 leeks, cut 1 cm
  • 600 ml water
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil 
After all the ingredients for cooking Vegetables White mustard Kuah, you provided and you buy, everything is available in your kitchen let's try to make it by reading the cooking tutorial below. 

How to create White mustard Vegetable Gravy:

  1.  First you heat the oil first. If the oil is hot then you harbor such saute onion, garlic, peppers, and bay leaves until fragrant.
  2. Furthermore, in leading stepnya you, asukkan carrots and stir until wilted.
  3. Then you add the mustard and meatballs and stir well. Add some other ingredients such as salt, pepper, and sugar, then you stir again.
  4. Finally you pour the water and enter anaesthetized scallion stir until cooked.
  5. White mustard Vegetable Gravy recipe is ready to serve for 5 servings. 
So has a tutorial to cook vegetables Vegetables Sawi Putih Kuah for your culinary today, hopefully with this you will always be helped to create a new meal that is ready to serve to your family, do not forget to read the menu other dishes that we have given in the recipes in the previous yea you can select the navigation menu that we have made here. 

Practical Recipes to Make Tasty and Delicious Seafood Soups

Practical Recipes to Make Tasty and Delicious Seafood Soups - Serving dishes boring everyday, you need the creation of flavors and menu of different foods with good taste and a delicious, well we will always help you to present a variety of recipes Indonesia's new culinary to culinary-international culinary. Today we present a special food menu that you can try that Soups Seafood. Read also Gurame Fuel Recipe Seasoning Rujak.
Seafood soup is a meal made from marine animals such as shrimp, squid and some other additions such as fish, tofu, mushrooms as a complement special taste. Maybe this time you only eat seafood at the restaurant, it is impossible right you will eat at home eat more, now is the time you try membuak seoafood itself to be guided by the tutorial how to cook from us, just following you need to record for grocery shopping and seasoning as needed.

Seafood Soups Ingredients:

300 grams of large shrimp
200 grams of squid
300 grams of minced meat snapper
• 2 eggs
4 medium potatoes
150 grams of mushrooms necklace, sliced
2 pieces of silken tofu, cut into pieces
2 tablespoons cornstarch
100 grams of bamboo shoots, cut into pieces
4 cloves garlic
1 lemon, take water
50 grams of glass noodles (soaked for a while)
• Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
After you buy the ingredients and seasoning it is time you make this seafood soup, here is how to cook, consider the step-step what you need to do.

How to Make Seafood Soups:

  1. Wash the squid and cut into slices like a dice.
  2. The potatoes are washed and cut flower shape.
  3. Mix the snapper meat with salt, pepper, cornstarch, eggs, bamboo shoots, stir well and then fry until reddish color.
  4. Boil broth with garlic, meatballs gorenq, shrimp and squid. Include both orange juice.
  5. Put the potatoes, glass noodles and mushrooms. Cook until all the mature se.
  6. Near the lift, enter silken tofu.  
When cooking do not forget to taste the dishes if there is a sense that less, not to be lacking in seasoning blends because it will affect the taste of food and cooking after you feel you have a sense of fitting please ask other people's opinions about the dishes you make. 

Seafood recipe Shellfish Abalone Sauce Specials

Seafood recipe Shellfish Abalone Sauce Specials - Already a long time we ga ya updated recipes for your loyal, patient must want to make new dishes that always we present to you. Some recipes this time we are going to give you a recipe seafood. Hmm sure you like the seafood dishes.
 Menu Seafood various materials that exist for example in this article will discuss the shells of oyster sauce, mussels cooked with spices oyster sauce has a delicious taste that is spicy, sweet, sour and salty from the seasoning oyster sauce. Surely you've ever right before eating it and therefore you now want to try to write a single home, but you do not have a recipe of herbs and how to cook it. Here are the ingredients and seasonings to make the shells of oyster sauce special for you and your family.

Ingredients and Seasonings:

500 grams of mussels, boiled
1/2 onion, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
2 cm ginger, crushed
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon ketchup
1/2 tablespoon chilli sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon sugar
250 ml water
1 teaspoon of corn starch and 11/2 teaspoon of water, dissolved
1 leek, cut askew
2 tablespoons of oil for frying
• the oil for frying

After the above ingredients you have prepared the next step you need to do is cook it, the following tutorial to cook for you.

How to make and cook Shellfish Abalone Sauce:

  1. First you remove one of the green mussel shells. Then you fry in oil that has been heated over medium heat until shells rather dry and then set aside.
  2. Next, you heat the oil. then saute onions plus also garlic, and ginger until fragrant. Then you enter the oyster sauce seasoning, tomato sauce, and chili sauce. Stir well.
  3. Do not forget you also add pepper, salt, and sugar. Then pour the water. Then cook until boiling.
  4. You must also enter a corn starch solution. You stir until bubbling. Then you add the leeks. Stir well.
  5. Finally your stride towards removed, and enter the mussels and stir well. Then you lift and serve. Shellfish Abalone Sauce recipe is made for 4 servings.
So first yes seafood recipes on the menu for you do not forget to visit this recipe is always the site to get an update on the various culinary article in the archipelago and around the world. 

Recipe Shrimp Sauce Padang Delicious and Easy Ways to Make

Easy and fast way to make Recipe Shrimp Sauce Padang. Bored with seafood dishes were just fried it? Bored with a menu that's it? Make friends who like seafood and shrimp dishes including fans, let cook Recipes Spicy Shrimp Sauce Padang. Yes, like creating a recipe shrimp sweet tamarind, shrimp, oyster sauce, squid sauce meadow, or a recipe shrimp butter sauce, the recipe this time also uses a variety of traditional herbs mixed with several kinds of sauces to produce a distinctive taste, delicious and tasty for all family members. Make friends who like to eat spicy, this recipe can also be served with a spicy taste tempting tongue.

As with other seafood dishes, the key to making Recipe Shrimp Sauce Padang tasty and delicious is the selection of raw materials are of good quality and fresh. Use fresh shrimp so that the outcome was a little sweetness in the flesh. To maintain freshness, rinse shrimp under cold water in order to maintain the quality and texture of the shrimp daginnya not too mushy. Discard all kotorang in it until it is completely clean. In addition, to cook shrimp recipe this time does not take too long. To thicken the sauce, give a little cornstarch so that the liquid will look thicker and delicious to eat with white rice.

Maybe friends thought that the process of cooking Shrimp Sauce Padang is complicated and difficult. But if friends know exactly how to make the cuisine Spicy Shrimp Sauce Padang it was quite easy, even for a beginner who is not a hobby or even cook could easily be made. The time was no longer needed. In addition, friends can be a little creative by adding spices or seasonings that are used to reproduce his chili and pepper to make Padang Sauce Recipe Spicy Crazy. For more details, please see the ingredients and how to make shrimp recipe below. 

Ingredients Recipe Spicy Shrimp Sauce Padang

  1. The main materials used are 750 grams of shrimp that have been washed and dumped dirt in it.
  2. Ripe fresh water of approximately 150 ml.
  3. Local onion medium large size as much as 5 pcs. Peeled and cut into small little to spice tumisannya.
  4. Garlic is a great medium size of approximately 3 pcs. Peel the skin and cut into small too small for the pan.
  5. 1 medium red tomatoes pcs. Wash and cut into thin strips thin.
  6. Onions as much as a half-size larger pcs. Peel and cut into thin strips of thin as well.
  7. Good quality ginger peeled approximately 2 cm.
  8. Cayenne pepper as much as 3 pcs
  9. Nice big red chili by 5 pcs.
  10. Chili sauce or ketchup as much as 2 tablespoons (which is not a hobby for spicy food, preferably using tomato sauce only).
  11. Cornstarch to taste (about 1-3 tablespoons).
  12. Oyster sauce about 4 tablespoons.
  13. Pepper or powder as much as a small spoon.
  14. Margarine taste for sauteing.
  15. Leeks that have been washed more than one stem. Tiny little pieces for garnish end.
  16. Iodized salt and refined sugar to taste.

 How to Make a Delicious Recipe Shrimp Sauce Padang

  1. Once the shrimp are cleaned, prepared shrimp stew pot and enter into it. Boil shrimp until cooked.
  2. Prepare frying and margarine insisted taste for sauteing. Enter the shallots, onions and the garlic. Stir stir briefly until fragrant smell.
  3. Enter tomatoes, red peppers large, ginger and chilli rawitnya several pcs. Stir briefly over medium heat small.
  4. Then pour the tomato sauce or gravy sauces and oyster sauce of approximately 4 tablespoons. Stir the mix again with other herbs.
  5. Enter pepper delicate, cave sand and fine iodized salt to taste. Saduk stir briefly until well blended and taste a little. If not, you can add salt, pepper or sugar sand.
  6. Enter 150 ml of water into it.
  7. Take a little cornstarch and mix into the skillet earlier. Sebenatr stir until slightly thickened.
  8. Enter the shrimp was boiled prior to the cooking pan. Stir stir until all ingredients are well blended. Stir again briefly until the spices to infuse into his desert shrimp meat sauce.
  9. After flavors mingle, pick a recipe and ready to be served.
How do friends? Not too difficult the process of cooking recipes Spicy Shrimp Sauce Padang above? You can also add a garnish of carrot, cucumber or celery on the outcome later to enhance the appearance at the buffet table. In addition to taste good and delicious, nutrient content in food is also good for consumption for all ages

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Soto Betawi Delicious Recipes And Tips How to Make

How to Create Original Recipe Meat Soto Betawi Along Tips and How to Make it Easy. Our country, Indonesia is very rich in its cultural diversity, as well as recipes Indonesia. Because each region has a culture, customs and unique characteristics of its own, it also makes each region in our country have characteristics in cooking recipes. We already know that the soup recipe many variations depending on the region of origin. Call it the oldest soup, soto Madura thick, holy soup, chicken soup and other Surabaya. This time we will give the Original Recipe originating Soto Betawi Jakarta area and surrounding areas. Of course, such as recipes from other regions, this betawi recipe also uses soto Betawi special seasoning with slightly different ingredients in other recipes. Regarding the cooking process, how to make it with milk soto Betawi is quite easy and not much difference with the process of making soup recipes from other regions.

There are actually two types of soup recipes from the area of ​​Jakarta, namely betawi recipe chicken soup and soup with milk that basic ingredients such as meat mixed with a bit of offal. Most preferred and sought after people still soto Betawi original recipe with milk and meat offal. Well, because the use of offal, of course, make friends patients with gout, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity and other diseases should be a little cautious about taking it. The content of fat and cholesterol in soto Betawi cuisine is indeed quite high. Besides seasoning soto Betawi that we will make this time also using milk that is high in fat. But of course if we do not consume excessive, the nutrient content in this soup recipe quite a lot and is needed also for daily needs. The solution may be to replace the materials used milk or coconut milk with low milk lemat or low fat milk or low-fat. Although still fairly high fat content, but little help to reduce not if we use low-fat milk.

As with other soup recipes, recipes betawi also use a variety of spices seasoning soup of nature that we can easily around us. Only the difference, this Betawi soup recipes use more herbs and spices to flavor when compared to chicken soup recipes or other recipes. Additionally sauce from this recipe soto Betawi and savory tastes better. From looks alone, the sauce does seem thicker because it uses native of freshly grated coconut milk or coconut milk to the broth mixture. If friends want to use liquid milk, it is advisable to use low-fat milk so that the fat content of whole recipe can be slightly suppressed and reduced.

Soto Betawi recipes that we will make this time will only use beef. If friends never tasted or bought from vendors in the mall mall or elsewhere, may find too offal in soto Betawi. Indeed soto Betawi original recipe using beef mixed with a bit of offal, such as the intestines, tripe and others. But for the health and reduce the fat content and cholesterol, we will use only and dipiliha beef parts meat low fat content. Like other Indonesian Recipes using ingredients fresh beef, the meat used in the manufacturing process soto Betawi recipe also does not need to be washed. Boiled with enough boiling water just so that the texture is maintained and there is no other akteri get into the meat. For more details, please see the ingredients and seasonings soto Betawi what is required under this yes.

Soto Betawi materials Original Recipe With Milk
  1. The main ingredient needed is beef beef shank or other parts of the low fat content of  approximately 1 kilogram. If you like, can be mixed with the other parts of beef offal such as tripe, intestines and others.
  2. Low-fat milk good quality of approximately 1.5 liters so that it feels more savory and  delicious. Can be replaced with other types of liquid milk or coconut milk can also use the liquid.
  3. Large medium-size clove of approximately 4-5 pcs only.
  4. Serai been crushed by about 2 sticks only.
  5. Galangal already crushed by about two knuckles only.
  6. Cardamom of approximately 2 pcs only.
  7. Cinnamon medium size of approximately 2 pcs just so that the aroma is more delicious.
  8. Fresh chives of approximately 3 pcs only. Rinse and then cut into thin slices onion leaves.
  9. Fresh orange leaves of approximately 4-5 pieces only.
  10. Leaves of approximately 4 pcs only.
  11. Fresh celery leaves of approximately 2 pcs. Rinse celery and finely chopped leaves.
  12. Iodized salt to taste to taste more or less as much as 2 small spoons. Could be added later, if less savory.
  13. White granulated sugar to taste to taste more or less as much as 2 tablespoons of course.
  14. Instant beef bouillon taste to make it more savory according to taste more or less as much as 1.5 small spoon.
  15. Former beef bouillon stew meat is approximately as much as 0.6 liters of material soto Betawi.
  16. Fresh lime juice to taste. Cut and split oranges for additional materials while presenting (complementary materials).
  17. Potatoes approximately 2-3 pcs. Peeled and thinly sliced ​​and then fried as a complement to the current presentation (complementary materials).
  18. Some slices of red tomatoes fresh as supplementary material (complementary materials).
  19. Vegetable oil or margarine for frying seasoning to taste soto Betawi. 
Seasoning ingredients Soto Betawi Delicious
  1. Pepper grains of approximately 1 small spoon. Can be replaced also with pepper powder.
  2. Powder and ginger or less each by 1 knuckle only.
  3. Which have been roasted hazelnut moment of approximately 5 pcs only.
  4. Which have been roasted coriander earlier by about 1.5 small spoon.
  5. Garlic is a great medium size of approximately 4 cloves alone.
  6. Local onion medium large size of approximately 5 pcs only.
  7. Caraway approximately half as much as a small spoon.
How to create Soto Betawi order Soft and Delicious  
  1. Take one large-sized cooking pot and give water to taste (until all parts of the meat is submerged) and cook until the water boils.
  2. Enter the beef that will be used after the boiling water and cook until 5-7 minutes.
  3. When the cooking process above will come out of foam and dirt, grab and throw. This is to replace the washing process and keep the meat fibers and prevent the bacteria get into the meat during the washing process.
  4. Lift and cut pieces of beef that has been partially cooked above according to taste or the shape of the dice.
  5. Discard the water in the pan and replace with new water approximately 1 liter and boil again until the meat is almost tender and then set aside.
  6. Puree a variety of spices soto Betawi prepared beforehand, such as onion, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, cumin, pepper, coriander, kencur and ginger until smooth. Should be smoothed by hand or diuleg that later came out and smell the scent more fragrant than the blend.
  7. Prepare a small pan over medium heat and let oil to taste (by about 2 tablespoons).
  8. Enter seasoning soup recipe that has been refined over to the skillet and stir stir stir-fry seasoning until cooked. Usually smell fragrant stir kahs then turn off.
  9. Enter the spices that have been sauteed above soup into a pot containing pieces of meat and about 0.6 liters of broth and stir stir until all ingredients mixed with a sauce sotonya.
  10. Add the remaining ingredients, as already crushed lemongrass, lime leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, iodized salt, sugar, instant broth and ginger that has been crushed. Stir stir so that all the ingredients really well blended and cook until the beef really soft.
  11. After the beef is tender, enter a low-fat liquid milk or coconut milk and stir stir again until boiling.
  12.  Do not forget to taste the first and add salt and sugar if necessary. Enter the celery and onion leaf and lift it up.
Done already creating original soto Betawi with milk or coconut milk. It is quite complicated so when compared to chicken soup recipe or recipes other savory dishes. But hard work definitely paid off over if we've tasted recipes soto Betawi we've created it. Especially when enjoyed cold or when the weather again when we are unwell. The content of spices and sauce thickened from soto Betawi recipe could provide new power you know. Especially if enjoyed with crackers, sliced potatoes, sliced tomatoes, soy sauce and lemon slices together with a plate of white rice warm. For recipe ideas masakaan other berkuah, please try the Beef Stew Recipe The Condensed or How to Make Goat Tengkleng Special From Solo.